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The 2014 All-CTR Football Teams

The 2014 All-CTR Football first and second teams were announced back on our November 26th Podcast. Here’s the complete list of 2014 honorees as selected by Ralph Amsden, Brett Quintyne, Fabian Ardaya, Jordan Knight and Chilly.

Note- No player made the team more than once. Also, we watched a TON of games, and a BOATLOAD of film, but we still had a lively debate about who belonged where (QB, WR and DB were the hardest). If you disagree with the list, and think someone (probably your relative, friend, or teammate if you’re being honest) should be higher, feel free to leave a comment, but try not to knock anybody by saying they should be lower. We mark those comments as spam.

First Team

QB- Bryce Perkins, Sr (Chandler)

Perkins’ 46 TD passes was a division 1 state record, and his completion percentage of 74.6  was an overall state record. Led the Wolves to a championship, and had over half his season total rushing yards in their playoff run. First Chandler QB to throw 6 TD passes vs Hamilton, and to beat Hamilton twice in a season.

RB- Antonio Campanella, Sr (Seton Catholic)

Campanella averaged an absurd 11.7 yards per offensive touch, and scored 28 times. His 2086 total yards was all the more impressive considering Seton outscored opponents 653-91 in their 12 wins, meaning he was often on the bench for the entire second half of games.

RB- Chase Lucas, Jr (Chandler)

Lucas evolved into an every-down back in 2014, jumping from an average of 12 touches a game in 2013 to 15 in 2014. Lucas’ big play ability stood above all others, as he had plays of at least 30 yards in 9 of his 12 games this year, and scored on a play of over 65 yards on four separate occasions.

WR- Doc O’Connor, Sr (Basha)

Doc O’Connor had 84 receptions in 2014, and evolved from his deep-threat role in 2013 to a player that provided security for QB Ryan Kelley over the middle. O’Connor had at least six catches in 8 separate games.

WR- Justin Jan, Sr (Chandler)

Could have received an honor for his 160 yard, 4 TD performance against Hamilton alone, but Jan put together a strong overall season for the Wolves, earning himself a scholarship to the University of Colorado.

WR- Christian Sanchez (Valley Christian)

Sanchez scored in every game this year, hauling in 17 TD passes, and averaging 18 yards per catch. He added 10 interceptions on defense, some of which resulted in TD receptions on the other end of the field.

OL- Chandler

The Wolves made the trip to Colorado to face 5-time defending champion Valor Christian, and when they returned it wasn’t the skill possession players that left the biggest impression on spectators- it was the offensive line. Keola Daniels, Dustin Woodard, Matthew Menlove, Gewann Frazier, Vinny Vital, Brandon Ramirez and others combined to give Bryce Perkins the time, and Chase Lucas the space to do what they needed to to earn the Wolves a state title.

DL- Garrett Rand, Jr (Hamilton)

In 2013, at Liberty in Nevada, Garrett Rand had a rough game. He was drawn offsides on a crucial goal line stand, and Liberty scored. Even though Hamilton came back to win, it was easy to see that Rand was unhappy with his performance. This year, Liberty made the trip to Chandler, and Rand had three sacks and helped hold the Lions to NEGATIVE 24 yards rushing. Rand finished with 10 sacks in 10 games this year.

DL- Caleb Peart, Sr (Hamilton)

82 tackles and 15 sacks is probably what many expected of Peart in his senior season. Peart, a Vanderbilt commit, was outright dominant at times, and was credited with 58 QB hurries.

DL- J.W. Windsor, Sr (Chandler)

Windsor registered two sacks in the state title game, and a combined 3.5 against his former team- the Basha Bears. His 93 tackles were most among any defensive lineman.

LB- Case Hatch, Jr (Perry)

Case Hatch, a hard-hitting junior, was always around the ball. Hatch had a combined 141 tackles, and anyone who watched the Puma splay knows that those stats weren’t embellished. Hatch registered 2 sacks and 9 solo tackles against Chandler- one of the best performances anyone had against the Wolves all year.

LB- Patrick Larsen, Sr (Seton Catholic)

Lasrsen collected 7 turnovers (2 interceptions, 5 fumble recoveries) in 2014, and was part of a defense that allowed one TD over an 8 game stretch from September 19th to November 8th. Larsen had 70 total tackles, including 13 for a loss.

LB- Tristen Vance, Sr (Hamilton)

115 combined tackles, 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles is a solid year for any inside linebacker, but when you’re the captain of a defense that replaced 9 starters, and 13 of the teams you faced qualified for the playoffs, each of those tackles becomes that much more valuable.

LB- Brock Heffron, Sr (Perry)

Brock Heffron played extensively on offense for the Pumas, and still managed to rack up 107 tackles and 4 interceptions on the defensive side of the ball, including an interception return for a TD against Mountain Ridge.

DB- Jaray Mills, Sr (Chandler)

If Jaray Mills wasn’t already on the first team before the championship game was played, we’d have to clear a spot for him. The converted wide receiver had two interceptions, four fumble recoveries, and a fourth down stop in the title game that will go down as one of the biggest defensive plays in Wolves team history.

DB- Kenny Fultz, Fr (Perry)

Had five interceptions, and picked off a pass in four straight games, including throws by Ryan Kelley and Bryce Perkins. Had to cover the state’s best receivers as a freshman, and held his own. Fultz also proved to be an asset on special teams.

DB- Brandon Yamamoto, Sr (Basha)

One of the best quotes of the year came from an assistant coach preparing to face Basha. “We shouldn’t have to game plan for a five-foot-eight paperweight on special teams, but with Yamo back there, we do.” Yamamoto blocked a punt that helped turn the game in Basha’s favor against Desert Vista, and scored off a blocked punt against Perry. He also added an interception, two fumble recoveries and two sacks to go along with 87 tackles as a DB.

DB- Brandon Garcia, Jr (Seton Catholic)

One of the best receivers in al of division 4, Garcia also played the role of shut-down corner on Seton Catholic’s stingy defense. Opposing QBs rarely threw his way, and Garcia wasn’t afraid to come up in run support either, registering 10 solo tackles in the regular season win over Snowflake.

KR/PR- Morris Kroma, Sr (Hamilton)

Kroma helped launch Hamilton into their seventh consecutive title game with his punt return for a TD against Brophy in the semifinals. Kroma averaged 17 yards per punt return on the season.

K/P- Cade Thompson, Sr (Basha)

Accounted for 65 points for the Bears, and went 6/8 as a field goal kicker. Thompson also booted 20 kickoffs for a touchback.

Below are the second team, third team, and honorable mentions.

Second Team

QB- Zach Wade, Sr (Seton Catholic)

RB- Ari Johnson, Sr (Hamilton)

RB- Micah Reed Campos, Jr (Chandler)

WR- N’Keal Harry, Jr (Chandler)

WR- Kyeler Burke, Jr (Hamilton)

WR- Jared Schmidt, Sr (Basha)

OL- Hamilton

DL- Salesi Koloamatangi, Sr (Hamilton)

DL- Zack Fullmer, Sr (Seton Catholic)

DL- Kalif Roberts, Sr (Chandler)

DL- Stephen Fugger, Sr (Seton Catholic)

LB- James Terrill, Sr (Seton Catholic)

LB- Zac Archer, Sr (Basha)

LB- David DeSilva, Sr (Hamilton)

DB- Jaquan Mayberry, Sr (Hamilton)

DB- Alijah Gammage, Fr (Valley Christian)

DB- D.J. Ware, Sr (Chandler)

DB- Mason Moran, Jr (Chandler)

Third Team

QB- Ryan Kelley, So (Basha)

RB- Rico Tipton, Jr (Hamilton)

RB- Michael Gay, Jr (Valley Christian)

WR- Brandon Krcilek, Jr (Hamilton)

WR- George Wolter, Sr (Seton Catholic)

WR- Hunter Dean-Gibson (Basha)

OL- Seton Catholic

DL- Chase Cawood, Sr (Perry)

DL- Alex Rotteveel, Sr (Basha)

DL- Emmanuel Byarm, Jr (Hamilton)

DL- Sama Nakiso, Sr (Chandler)

LB- K. Crowley, Sr (Chandler)

LB- KT Tillini, Jr (Chandler)

LB- Mason Goodell, Jr (Valley Christian)

DB- Austin Williams, Sr (Basha)

DB- Trey Robinson, Sr (Hamilton)

DB- Joe Storm, Sr (Basha)

DB- Jaelon Parson, Jr (Hamilton)

Honorable Mentions


RB Zack Reed (Sr)

WR Hunter Rison (So)

WR Kendall Griffin (Sr)

OL Evan Edwards ()

LB Caleb McCray (Jr)

DB Traejun Foard (Sr)


WR Terrell Flanigan (Sr)

WR Danny Mahan (Sr)

LB Anfernee Hale (Sr)

DL Thomas Chisolm (Jr)

DB Isiah Swann (Jr)

DB Zane Serrano (Sr)


QB James Sosinski (Sr)

WR Kaleb Pitts (Jr)

WR Chip Hansen (Sr)

DT Tyson-Jay Saena (Jr)

DB Braxton Baniszweski (So)


QB Austin Nightingale (Sr)

RB Anthony Sheffield (Sr)

WR Brandon Lenzen (Sr)

OL Kenny McMurphy (Sr)

OL Samuel O’Hare (Jr)

DL Sal Eldarwiche (Sr)

LB Ethan Vernon (Sr)

DB Alec Monte (Sr)

Seton Catholic

WR Jacob Terrill (So)

LB Cameron Schueneman (Sr)

DB Luke Zuluaga (Jr)

DB Dominic Johnson (Sr)

Valley Christian

QB Chris Williams (Sr)

WR Riley Rhodes (Sr)

OL Brendan Dyer (Sr)

DL Brendan Sterling (Jr)

LB David Campbell (So)


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