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A Letter to us, from Seton Catholic’s Antonio Campanella

We get quite a few emails here. 90% are parents lobbying for some type of press for their kids (which helps us come up with story ideas, so don’t stop doing that), 9% are people that can best be described as “displeased,” and every once and a while, we get something like what we have posted, with Antonio Campanella’s permission, below… something that lets us know that volunteering our time to write about the great prep athletes in the City of Chandler has made a positive impact.

I just wanted to let you know a few things. Back in 2012 I was a sophomore in high school playing my first year of varsity football, at the time it was all that I wanted. Play my favorite sport. And win. I felt so blessed to be able to do both. I had a pretty good season, but more importantly we won state. You might have missed it cause that same year another C-Town team also won state. They had so many great players on that team, and I know that because they got so much attention. I always asked myself the question what made them so popular? What made them so revered? They played hard, and won, just like we did. I wanted what they had. But not just for me. For my team, because they worked so hard. For my coaches, because they dedicated so many hours to make us great. And also for my school, because truthfully that’s who we represent every time we step on that field.

I decided that my junior year I would do everything I could to reach my goals. One of my number one goals was to be one of those that help put Seton Catholic Football on the map. I felt like one way to do that was to continue the winning, and I guess it worked because Kyle Johnson started getting some attention. In fact he was recognized by C-Town Rivals in a very interesting debate, and that landed him on the all C-Town Rivals 1st team, ahead of Chandlers Bryce Perkins who is incredible, and Zach Werlinger- the QB from Basha who was VERY good. I remember being extremely excited, and happy for Kyle. Back then I thought if we continue winning, and get another State title the mission would be complete. Things didn’t go according to plan. Kyle got sick, and we lost to River Valley (and now I’m sick).

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I’ve lost 3 games in my varsity career and I remember each one of those more clearly than I remember any of my touchdowns, or any of the victories. I remember the loss to Tempe Prep my sophomore year. I remember the loss to Snowflake last year. And obviously River Valley is so clear in my head. So preparing for this years playoffs began with that bitter 43-12 loss to River Valley in last years playoffs. Last year our team was mostly juniors, and now we’re all seniors and THAT loss has made us hungrier than ever. We have worked since that day to make sure that we NEVER feel that way again. So far so good. As you know we are heading into the playoffs as the number one seed and that is when the new season starts. In the playoffs it doesn’t matter if you went 10-0 in the regular season because 0-1 in the playoffs and it’s over. No re-dos, no next week, and for some of us seniors maybe no tomorrow. That’s it. We are staying positive and confident. We don’t care who we play we will still come out with the same intensity. We are going to take it one game at a time and focus on going 1-0 each week. This year we started a new tradition with “The Riot Shield”. Basically the player who gets yelled at the most at film on Saturday gets the riot shield (made by a Seton Dad) because they had the most “shots fired” at them. The player who gets it signs it and writes a quote on it. It is a fun way to motivate each other to work hard and fix the mistakes they make to avoid getting the shield.

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I remember seeing Chilly and Ricky AT the Maricopa game back in September. It was our second game and you guys were actually asking us questions. That was a pretty cool experience because I don’t remember seeing that in my 3 years on varsity here at Seton. At the end of the interview they told us that C-Town Rivals would be at all of our home games. At the time I figured that was their way of saying “Good game kid, see you some other time.” We went on the road the next week and won one of our toughest games against Snowflake, and the following week we came back home to play Cortez and sure enough you were actually there, just like you said. This has obviously been a very successful season this year for our team, and we all love the media coverage we are getting from you guys! As you know I have had a successful season- over 1300 rushing yards, and breaking 3000 all-time yards in week 8. This has all been made possible because of the big fellas up front. At Seton we make sure that we take care of our linemen. They are always the first to eat at potlucks, and they get the most helmet stickers. They love the stickers and joke that the stickers are the only glory they get. The linemen don’t know yet, but Wade and I are going to have a little something for our boys up front at the end of the season. Anyways I’m excited for the playoffs to begin, and since we play on different days I look forward to seeing some of the other C-Town teams in action hopefully I can check out Chase Lucas over at Chandler, Doc O’Connor at Basha, and I’d love to see Perry, and Hamilton in action also.
I’m not the only running back in C-Town, but I’m also not the “other” running back in C-Town. Just like we’re definitely not the only good team in C-Town, and were definitely not the “other” good team in C-Town, and you guys recognize that.

I cant speak for all the players, or schools in the City of Chandler, but on behalf of myself, and the Seton Catholic Sentinels I’d like to thank you, and CTownRivals.com for the time you guys have taken and dedicated to me, my team, and my school.

Thanks again
Antonio Campanella
Seton Catholic RB 2015

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  1. Very well said!!! Thank you for all of the great memories, it has been a pleasure watching you and the rest team play. I wish you and your team a great run in the second season.

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